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Dear student,

it’s a pleasure and a honour for us to welcome virtually all of you in our university, waiting for meeting you in practice and in person.

Politecnico di Milano is a well-known University in the world. The last QS Ranking World University put us in position 11 in Design, in position 14 in Architecture and Built Environment and in position 24 in Engineering and Technology.

This is a place where you will find an educational environment where you will be able to empower your technical skills; but also your cross-cultural sensibility, your social responsibility attitude and also a way to increase your capacity to listen to other languages and to other disciplines in cross-disciplinary education. This result depends on the quality of the staff, but depends also very much on the quality of the students we recruit every year.

It’s important for us that you’ve been selected in the right way, in a group of more than 4.000 applicants all over the world. So you must be happy and proud of yourself and I think you will also have the responsibility to be one of the graduates that make Politecnico di Milano a strong university also in the next future.

We define our university as an international university, with strong roots in the Italian culture; and this means that we want to act more in general as a sort of gateway between our country and the rest of the world. So we hope you will be able to appreciate the whole Italian experience; to be in touch not only with our university but with all the cultural life of our country, and so this could be for you a real life experience in Italy, in Europe and in the city of Milan, where we are mainly located.

The offices of our university will provide you with all the support needed to prepare for your coming in Italy, all the documentation, the information about the new Buddy Program we have established recently. And please, do not hesitate to contact all of them for any information you could require.

See you soon!


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