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Residence Permit and Residence Registration

Non-EU Citizens

If you are a non-EU citizen, within 8 working days of your arrival in Italy, you have to complete a so-called “kit” to apply for a residence permit in the city where you’ll be living. The kit is available at all the post offices bearing a “Sportello Amico” sign, but will also be given to you during the welcome events preceding the beginning of each semester. Please ask your International Students Office/Desk of reference for further information.

The kit must be filled in and accompanied by copies of the following documents:

  • Copy of your passport with visa and personal data page.
  • A copy of your health insurance policy; health insurance bought abroad must be validated by the Italian Embassy in your country (if not already in English). You can also buy health insurance upon your arrival in Italy.
  • For Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) students: copy of the admission letter issued by the Politecnico di Milano or FORM A/Modello A filled in at the Embassy or self-certification of enrollment to be generated through the Online Services.
    For Laurea (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) students: FORM A/Modello A filled in at the Embassy or self-certification of enrollment to be generated through the Online Services;
    For NON-Eu Exchange students: a letter of acceptance to the exchange programme.

At the Post Office you’ll be given a receipt which attests your residence permit request.

In order to check if your residence permit is ready to be collected, you can check either the website of the Police or the Immigration portal.

In addition to the notice displayed by this system on the status of your application, you’ll be informed via SMS about the day, time and place where you can collect your residence permit.

International students with a valid permit of stay are allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week and 1,040 hours per year, but in order to obtain a residence permit renewal, they must pass the exams yearly.

Eu Citizens

If you are an EU citizen or come from EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland), you must not apply for a residence permit. However, if you are going to stay in Italy for over a 3 months period, you should register with the Anagrafe (Register office) of your municipality of residence, by choosing one of the following registration options: 

A. Students who DO NOT intend to set their permanent residence in Italy

Updated information will be published soon.

B. Students who intend to transfer their permanent residence to Italy

(please verify with your country of origin which are the implications of transferring your residence permanently)

Register with the Anagrafe office sending an email to ServiziAlCittadino(at) (email subject: APR, Name and Surname), attaching the following documents:

  1. Copy of ID card
  2. Copy of “codice fiscale”
  3. University enrollment certificate (to be collected at the Registrar’s office of your campus upon submission of 2 “marche da bollo”/duty stamps of 16 euro each)
  4. Proof of health insurance (S1 form/private health insurance with 1 year validity/voluntary registration to the Italian national health system. The European health insurance card is not sufficient)
  5. Proof of sufficient resources (minimum € 5825 for students with no family members to support), provided through modello EURO 1 self-certification (fill out point “b” only if with family members to support)
  6. Statement of residence, provided through Dichiarazione di residenza self-certification
    • For filling in the first paragraph on page 4 it is necessary to contact the apartment owner
    • Students who are renting a room/flat must fill their rental contract data at point 2, page 4

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