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Admissions to Laurea (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) programmes starting in October are open to undergraduates who by the end of August will have a recognized final diploma of secondary studies (gained after at least 12 years of schooling).
Please note: students who hold a British or an American high school diploma must meet specific requirements explained in this document (written in Italian) issued by the Ministry of Education. Students holding an International Baccalaureate should check this document (written in Italian) issued by the Ministry of Education to check if the institution where they have achieved their title is part of the list. If it isn’t, they should obtain documents 1 and 2 listed below.

Prepare your documents

In order to complete the enrolment procedures you need to prepare the following documents in the country where the educational system of the school issuing your diploma belongs to (for example: for a school with British educational system in Peruvian territory the authorities of reference are those of the UK).
You will then consign the original documents upon official enrolment.
Documents at point 1, 3 and 4 must be duly apostilled (only if the country where the diploma has been achieved is part of the Hague Convention abolishing requirement for legalization of foreign public documents).  Apostilles authenticate the seals and signatures of officials on public documents, so that they can be recognized in foreign countries that are parties of the Convention. Please click here to view the list of countries that have signed the Convention and the authority in charge of Apostille.
If your country is not part of the list, documents at point 1, 3 and 4 must be legalized by the Italian Diplomatic representatives.

Standard documents


Final diploma of secondary studies (at least 12 years)

accompanied by an official translation in Italian language.

“Declaration of value” (Dichiarazione di Valore)

issued by the Italian Diplomatic Representative related to the high school degree. The Declaration of Value is a document, released by the Italian competent Authority  in the Country to which the educational system of your school refers, attesting the validity of your Diploma and in particular attesting you are entitled to enter University.

a certificate proving the completion of one or two years of academic studies or a post-secondary title

in case of countries where the educational system lasts only 11 or 10 years: confirming the examinations passed and translated into Italian if not issued by the university directly in English, French or Spanish.

a certificate attesting that the University entrance examination in the country of origin has been passed

if required by law (e.g. Vestibular for Brazil, Selectividad for Spain, Prova de Afericao o Prova Geral de Acesso ao Ensino Superior for Portugal, etc.). It is necessary for Chinese students to take the GAO KAO examination in order to apply.

only for Laurea (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) courses held in English: a valid English language certificate

Students have to provide the certificate within their first year of enrolment.
The minimum requirements for English language proficiency are as follows:

TOEFL CBT ≥ 170 
TOEFL IBT ≥  59 
TOEFL PBT   ≥ 497 

 * Our TOEFL code is 9795 *   

TOEIC: 600 

Cambridge: FCE - C

Note: only English mother tongue students and those who can prove that English was the medium of instruction of their secondary studies are exempted from providing an English language certification. In this last case, students are required to provide an official document, issued by the school or the government, certifying that English was their medium of instruction.

Warning: in case of missing documentation, in accordance with the existing rules, Politecnico di Milano will revoke the enrolment even if the candidate has passed the admission test.


Evaluation of a previous university career

In order to ask for your previous career to be evaluated, you have to access your Online Services and click on "Evaluation of previous career for admission / programme change".
If you have taken the entrance test and the result or the position in the ranking entitles you to enroll, please follow both the instructions related to enrolment and what specified here below related to the assessment of the previous career.
If you transfer from another University or have a degree / diploma and you wish to obtain a degree at Politecnico di Milano, it is compulsory for you to achieve at least 60 ECTS credits at Politecnico.
All incoming students failing to provide a valid English language certification among the ones required by Politecnico di Milano will be automatically assigned an English Ofa, unless they have successfully passed the English language section of the entrance test when foreseen.
For Engineering programmes, it is possible to be admitted to years following the first one without repeating the entrance test, meeting the following requirements:

  • EU students and non EU students residing in Italy must have at least 35 ECTS credits recognized from a previous university career 
  • Non EU students residing abroad must have at least 35 ECTS credits recognized from a previous university career and an Italian language proficiency at level C1

For Design programmes enrolment is allowed without repeating the entrance test, meeting the requirements here indicated:

Deadlines and procedure for the evaluation of a previous university career


  • ENGINEERING: assessment request from July 2nd to September 26th / Assessment confirmation by October 6th
  • ARCHITECTURE: assessment request from July 2nd to September 5th / Assessment confirmation by September 23th
  • DESIGN: assessment request from July 2nd to September 5th / Assessment confirmation by September 16th

Practical instructions

Access the Online Services area using your person code and password and select "evaluation of previous career".
You’ll be asked to declare if you wish to have your previous career assessed and you’ll be allowed to choose one of these options:

A) "I don’t want an evaluation": you’re choosing not to have your previous career assessed.
By selecting this option, you’ll be allowed to enroll only if you successfully pass the test and the result or the position in the ranking entitles you to enroll.

B) "I want an evaluation": you’re choosing to have your previous career evaluated:  as a result you may have some credits validated. You will have to complete the online evaluation request in all its parts and upload the transcripts of the classes taken at the previous university, together with the detailed description of each class (study programmes).


Academic transcripts

An academic transcript certified by the university registrar’s office and legalized by the Italian Diplomatic Representative, confirming courses taken, grades received and the relation of credits given to number of hours for each course.

Please note that this document will be accepted in Italian, English, French  or Spanish. Where the actual language is different, a legalized translation into Italian must be also  provided together with the original version.

Detailed study programmes

brief course descriptions explaining the content and the basic topics covered in each course, and the number of hours for each course/training activity in the academic curriculum that the candidate has completed. Programmes should be on univerisity letterhead or stamped by the university where the student has achieved the degree. Politecnico di Milano DOES NOT require the translation of detailed study programmes if written in English, French or Spanish. Alternatively, the diploma supplement can be produced, if adopted.

A board of professors will evaluate you career: by entering the Online Services you’ll be able to check the status of the evaluation process and, if complete, the final evaluation results.
Once results are released you’ll be able to:

  • Reject the evaluation
  • Confirm the evaluation obtained

After the evaluation, if you’ve been recognized less than 35 credits or you reject the outcome of the evaluation, please follow the indications previously reported at letter A) above.
If you’ve been recognized at least 35 credits and you hold a certificate of Italian language knowledge of at least C1 level, after you confirm the outcome of the evaluation, you’ll be allowed to enroll within the deadline stated for your study course, regardless of your test result.
If you enrolled after successfully passing the entrance test, please bear in mind that the evaluation of your previous career, including asking for it not be evaluated or rejecting / confirming the result, must in any case be completed within the set deadlines.
This process of previous career evaluation must be completed also when applying for a programme change/transfer.

WARNING: It’s not possible to ask for a programme change during the first year of enrolment.

Procedures for non-EU citizens residing abroad

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