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Test of Architecture

Information refers to AY 2018/2019.

The entrance test for the Laurea (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) programme in Architectural Design and the 5 year single-cycle programme in Building Engineering/Architecture, is managed at national level by the Decree of the Ministry of Education, Universitiy and Research which establishes dates, requirements and programs. 

The test is paper based and consists of 60 multiple choice questions. The time available for the Test is 100 minutes. The subjects covered by the admission test are: General culture (2 questions); Logic (20 questions); History (16 questions); Drawing and Representation (10 questions); Mathematics and Physics (12 questions).

Content details

Information refers to AY 2018/2019.


General Knowledge and Logic

This section has the objective of ascertaining the ability to logically complete a thought process, in a manner consistent with the premises which are expressed in symbolic or verbal form, through multiple-choice questions. The questions will focus on scientific or narrative non-fiction texts of classical or contemporary authors, or topical texts from generalist or specialist newspapers or magazines; they will also focus on cases or issues, also abstract in nature, the solution of which requires adoption of various forms of logical reasoning. General knowledge questions complete this area of assessment


The test is aimed at verifying possession of consistent general chronological orientation criteria with regard to people and events of historical importance (from ancient times, the early and late Middle Ages, the modern era, the contemporary era). Such general chronological orientation will also be verified through assessment of knowledge related to specific artistic-architectural events (architectural works of art movements)

Drawing and Representation

The test is aimed at ascertaining the ability to analyse graphs, drawings and iconic representations or terms of correspondence with respect to the object represented, the possession of basic knowledge relating to representation (plans, elevations, axonometrics)

Mathematics and Physics

The test is aimed at ascertaining:

  • knowledge numerical sets and arithmetic calculation (natural, relative, rational and real numbers; order of magnitude; operations, powers, roots, logarithms), algebra, Euclidean geometry (polygons, circumference and circle, measurement of length, area and volume, isometry, similarity and equivalence, geometric loci), analytical geometry (elements), probability and statistics (elements)
  • basic knowledge of the principles of Mechanics: definition of fundamental physical magnitudes (displacement, velocity, acceleration, mass, momentum, force, weight, work and power); law of inertia, Newton's law and principle of action and reaction)
  • basic knowledge of the principles of Thermodynamics (general concepts of temperature, heat, specific heat, expansion of bodies)

How to Prepare for the test of Architecture

Information refers to AY 2018/2019

To help you prepare for the architecture, see the tools at your disposal on Poliorientami website (in Italian).

At the following link you can view the Architecture test in English, taken by the students to access the academic year 2016-2017.

Scores to pass the test

Assessment criteria

The score is calculated by assigning:

  • 1,5 point for each correct answer
  • 0 points for each omitted answer
  • - 0.4 for each incorrect answer

The score is expressed out of ninety.

In case of parity of scores, priority is given, in descending order, to:

  • the score obtained by candidates in the solution of, respectively, questions relating to topics of General Culture, Logic, History, Drawing and Representation, Mathematics and Physics
  • the younger candidate

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