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Admission interview: "Urban Planning"

Information refers to AY 2018/2019.

Each candidate will be interviewed by two commissioners for about 15 minutes.

During the interview, the candidate will discuss two documents written by him/herself:

  • A motivation letter: one page of text, for a total of maximum 3000 characters, including spaces, aimed at investigating the reasons of interest in the specific field of study
  • A paper: one page of text, for a maximum of 3000 characters, including spaces, where personal readings and experiences of the candidate are used to comment the words contained in the name of the course: cities, environment, landscape

These documents will be presented by the candidate on the day of the interview and must be computer-written and printed according to the following directions:

  • Document Size A4
  • The edge of the paper, top, bottom, right, left: 3 cm
  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Size: 14
  • Line spacing: single
  • Justified alignment

Each document must include the following text in the first line:

  • Motivation Letter: Surname, Name, Place of birth, Date of Birth dd/mm/yyyy, Registration number to the test
  • Paper: Surname, Name, Place of birth, Date of Birth dd/mm/yyyy, Registration number to the test

Scores to pass the interview

Information refers to AY 2018/2019.

The candidate can obtain a maximum score of 100 points, distributed as follows:

  • Motivation Letter: maximum 20 points
  • Paper: maximum 30 points
  • Interview: maximum 50 points

Evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

  • Well spoken language
  • Significance of the answer
  • Clearness
  • Ability to debate and reason
  • Originality, intellectual vividness and critique

The candidate will be assigned a places among the ones available only if he/she has achieved a test score of 40/100 or more.

In case of parity of the overall score awarded by the commission, the points obtained by each candidate in the following sections will be considered in descending order:

  • interview
  • paper
  • motivation letter

In case of further parity, the younger candidate will prevail on the older.

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