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The general objective of Pegasus is to optimise the services offered by member institutions both in terms of continuing to attract the best students and also to offer highly relevant educational and research programmes.

Pegasus was formed from an initiative taken by the four main French Grandes Ecoles involved in aerospace. Today 25 Universities are partner of the Pegasus network and more than 2000 aeronautical engineers graduate from the member institutions of Pegasus each year. Pegasus members offer their students the opportunity to participate in high-quality international exchange and training programmes.

Aims of Pegasus are:

  • to accelerate the process by which employers within each nation of Europe understand and fully appreciate the nature of the undergraduate/graduate/diplôme programmes of study offered outside their own country, and therefore to assist in the Europeanisation of employment opportunities
  • tailoring the student experience so as to maximise the advantages that can be associated with the multi-language, multi-culture nature of our industry
  • Pegasus members must ensure that together they offer a range of high quality and efficient programmes of support

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