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How to apply for Erasmus+ Programme

Students interested in applying for an Erasmus or an extra-European exchange at the Politecnico di Milano, first have to contact the International Relations Office of their home institution and ask there for information, since each partner university has its own pre-selection process with specific pre-requisites and timing.

Students selected by their home institution are invited to register on-line in order to get person code and password needed to get access to the Application Form. Students may apply from 1st April to 15th May for Autumn arrivals and from 1st October to 15th November for Spring arrivals.

On-line application

The candidate will also have the possibility to prepare a preliminary Learning agreement, that will be available once the application form has been completed.

Only applications from students who have been officially nominated by their home university will be considered.

A confirmation message will be sent to all accepted exchange students.

An acceptance letter will be sent to accepted exchange students applying for visa.

Please note
Pre-registered students may log-in even after deadline (using their username and password) in order to

  • check how their application proceeds (accepted as an exchange student) 
  • modify the Learning agreement (the first weeks in Milano students will prepare their definitive Study Plan/Learning agreement) 

Once enrolled at POLIMI students will prepare their definitive Study Plan/Learning agreement.

Erasmus+ programme

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