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Double degree programmes

Both the degree of Politecnico di Milano and the one of the partner Institution have a legal value in the country where they are obtained.

Students coming from one of the partner institutions with which bilateral agreement has been signed, can be entitled to continue their curriculum in one of the programmes at Politecnico di Milano. The level (Bachelor of Science or Master of Science) and the period of study vary upon agreement. Most of the agreements substitute one year at the home university with two years at Politecnico di Milano. Students will attend courses and prepare thesis work at our institution. Students will also have to develop a final project under the supervision of one of the Professors of Politecnico di Milano and they will discuss it in front of a Committee.

In order to be awarded of the degree at Politecnico di Milano and of the one at the home Institution, students have to fulfil all the requirements established in the bilateral agreements and respect each programme regulations. The departmental coordinator of each programme has the role of tutor and advices and helps double degree incoming students during their academic activities at Politecnico di Milano.

Double degrees

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