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Politecnico di Milano
the ATHENS programme
Nov 16th-23rd 2013

POLI9 The Art of Urban Composition Intensive Course

The Art of Building Cities

a project for the XXI century city

professors responsible
Ernesto d’Alfonso, Lorenzo Degli-Esposti

participating professors and researchers
Antonella Contin, Ernesto d’Alfonso, Maddalena d’Alfonso,
Lorenzo Degli-Esposti, Ariela Rivetta, Andrea Vercellotti

course location
Room: Sala Riunioni (2° floor), via Bonardi 2, 20133 Milan

course content

  1. Smallness in bigness. Paris and New York. From Lynch to Tschumi, Eisenman and Koolhaas. Les Halles, Parc de la Vilette, Queens urban renewal
  2. feedback to Camillo Sitte, The Art of Building Cities; and the XX century  beginning, Chicago, shock-city of the großstadt. The short lapse of XX century before the First World War, the origin of the Modern Movement, the manifesto of futurist architecture, Sant’Elia and Bruno Taut work. The year 1910:  Wagner’s großstadt; the launching of Wright in Europe cfr. Waschmut edition, in Berlin; the technical manifesto of futurist painting.
  3. Around to the sixties:  End of the C.I.A.M., critic to functionalist models or linear towns of infrastructure and megastructure.
  4. The urban design of the Sixties, Kevin Lynch’s The Image of the City, Aldo Rossi’s L’architettura della città, Colin Rowe’s Collage city.
  5. Urban Project and Utopy in the Sixties/Seventies: Metabolist Group, Archigram, Radical Movement, Constant/Friedman/Hollein/Koolhaas.
  6. Roma interrotta and Learning from Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Post-Modern shock-city or the strip aesthetics.
  7. The principle of equal time proximity as a multi-scale rule of megalopolis and regional net-city. The interlacement of nets and the complexity of poles. XXI century urban bodies: Megaforms, Urban Morphotypes, Hybrid Buildings, Heterotopias.

Course programme

Monday, Nov 18th 2013
Smallness in Bigness, a Problem of the Contemporary City
morning 9:00/11:00
CLASS 1: Introduction and guide lines of the course
Prof. E. d’Alfonso

morning 11:30/13:00
CLASS 2: The city of XX century: Großstadt and Kleinestadt. The concept of multi-scale: the size of settlements in the Großstadt from Chicago to the regional net-city of the end of the century
Arch. Phd. A. Rivetta

lunch break

afternoon 15:00/16:00
CLASS 3: Presentation of ATLAS and introduction to the teamwork
Arch. Phd. L. Degli-Esposti

afternoon 16:00/19:00
ATELIER: Team constitution, case study assignment and teamwork
Arch. Phd. L. Degli-Esposti with arch. Giacomo Ardesio, arch. Stefano D’Armento, arch. Monia Giannotta, arch. Claudia Mainardi, arch. Giulia Ragnoli, arch. Daniele Zerbi

Tuesday, Nov 19th 2013
The Contribution of Arts on Urban Design

morning 9:00/11:00
CLASS 4: The City of Muses
Prof. A. Contin

morning 11:30/13:00
CLASS 5: From Conceptual Art to Architecture of Resistance.
Arch. Phd. L. Degli-Esposti

lunch break

afternoon 15:00/16:00
Vertical City, Sprawl, Residential Blocks,
Gated Communities, Informal City
Arch. Phd. L. Degli-Esposti

afternoon 16:00/19:00
ATELIER: Teamwork

Wednesday, Nov 20th 2013
Urban Biography and Discontinuous Ages Theory

morning 9:00/11:00
CLASS 7: Interior Landscapes
Arch. Phd. M. d’Alfonso

morning 11:30/13:00
CLASS 8: Microrealities
Arch. Phd. A. Vercellotti

lunch break

afternoon 15:00/16:00
Dismissed Industrial Areas and Infrastructures,
Residential Blocks, Sprawl
Arch. Phd. L. Degli-Esposti

afternoon 16:00/19:00
ATELIER: Teamwork

Thursday, Nov 21st 2013

all-day 9:00/19.00
: Teamwork

Friday, Nov 22nd 2013
Final Review. Evaluation of the Programme

morning 9:00/12:00
ATELIER: Teamwork (attended work)

lunch break

afternoon 13:00/15:00
ATELIER: Final Review (with public PowerPoint presentation of the works)
Evaluation of the Programme


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