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  • Next Session: 17-24 March 2018
  • Arrival Time: Saturday 17th, at 15.00 Meeting point at Piazza Leonardo 32, Milano
  • Departure Time: Saturday 24th in the morning. 

Athens courses for March 2018 session:

  • POLI08 Discrete and Geometric Tomography – prof. Paolo Dulio
  • POLI09_bis Modernity and Critic Modernity and Warm modernity. Architectural Concept and landscape icon - Prof. Maddalena D'alfonso
  • POLI19 Milan, the unexpected green-growing city. 4th edition - Prof. Luca Maria Francesco Fabris
  • POLI25 Using the geographical information systems for the quantitative and qualitative landscape analysis – prof. Alessandra Pandolfi
  • POLI34 Where interior design meets Fashion. Italian Style, Prof. Marta Conconi and Prof. Alessandra Pandolfi
  • POLI35 Farm 4.0: Technologies for smart agricolture - Prof. Giambattista Gruosso and Prof. Luca Bascetta
  • POLI37 Global warming and post-expo Milan! – prof. Carlo Barrese, and prof. Arian Heidari Afshari

Week end activities program (European Dimension Activities) to be updated soon


Living and travel expenses are to be covered by students. Lunches are offered by POLIMI. The estimated average expenses for accommodation, food, cultural activities and local transportation is 400 Euros.

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