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Sustainable Architecture and Landscape Design

Laurea Magistrale (MSc) - 2018/2019 a.y.




Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering

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Mission and goals

This programme aims at providing a multidisciplinary background for architects, with a special focus on environmental sustainability and landscape design. The concept of sustainability is associated with a high quality transformation of landscape, from the macro-scale of urban planning, to the micro-scale of technical details, how the varied scales connect and interrelate with each other. This method is oriented to a physical, social and technical approach, passing over a close specialized theme vision. The international programme involves also workshops, study trips and summer schools.

Career opportunities

The programme trains architects with an expertise in sustainable architecture and landscape design, to follow a career in the private and public sector as covered by EU directives in: architecture, urban planning, urban design and landscape architecture.

Employment Statistics

Programme duration

2 years

Video presentation

Watch this video to learn more about the programme.

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