Politecnico di Milano

Technology, creativity and culture

Interior and Spatial Design

Laurea Magistrale (MSc) - 2018/2019 a.y.


Milano Bovisa



Teaching language

English or Italian

Mission and goals

This programme aims at training highly skilled professionals, who are able to critically deal with Landscape and interior-spatial design, New Interiors and Ephemeral/Temporary spaces. Interior and spatial designers will be able to creatively work in projects with an innovative functional, aesthetic, technical and technological approach even for social innovation. The programme is characterized by different didactical activities, ranging from mono-disciplinary courses, to experimental workshops and design studio, where students are given the opportunity to experiment the tools used in design professions.

Career opportunities

The Interior and Spatial Designer can work in design studios or in companies as a director of activities oriented towards various areas: domestic environment, retail, places of cultural production (auditoriums, museums, galleries, exhibitions), public areas (offices, hospitals, schools, universities), hotel trade as well as in the redevelopment of industrial/service areas. The programme is taught in English and offers two double degrees opportunities with Tongji University and with Tsinghua University in China.

Employment Statistics

Programme duration

2 years

From academic year 2019-20 Laurea magistrale programmes in Design accept students only in the first semester of the academic year (September intake)

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Programme courses (a.y. 2018/2019)

Programme educational rules (a.y. 2018/2019)

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