Politecnico di Milano

Technology, creativity and culture

Integrated Product Design

Laurea Magistrale (MSc) - 2018/2019 a.y.


Milano Bovisa



Teaching language

English or Italian

Mission and goals

The MSc Programme in Integrated Product Design approaches the Product Design discipline in a comprehensive and systemic way, with a strong cultural attitude. Within an accelerated social and technical progress, products progressively evolve into complex systems that merge both tangible and intangible aspects. Consequently, the boundaries of the product design discipline expand to integrate different facets, such as the relationship between design and technology and the need for new augmented functions; strategic and market-related actions; a focus on social and environmental issues; and a clear understanding of the processes that concur in the definition of the qualities of products.

Career opportunities

Career opportunities are within the traditional design industry, design research and New Product Development services/offices/departments, as well as in service, retail, product design and in trend and technological analysis.

Employment Statistics

Programme duration

2 years

From academic year 2019-20 Laurea magistrale programmes in Design accept students only in the first semester of the academic year (September intake)

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