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Building and Architectural Engineering

Laurea Magistrale (MSc) - 2018/2019 a.y.


Milano Leonardo and Lecco


Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering

Teaching language


Mission and goals

The programme, entirely offered in English, prepares high-level professionals that can work in the field of the built environment, and in particular of high energy performance, low environmental impact buildings, thanks to a multi-disciplinary training and to the acquisition of specialist engineering skills. The programme offers two tracks with specific characteristics:

  • Architectural Engineering (offered in Lecco), giving students the ability to manage – and take part in – the integrated design process of complex construction projects;
  • Building Engineering (offered in Milano Leonardo), giving students the ability to design, model and predict the physical, mechanical and energy behaviour of complex building components and systems, services and structures.

Building and Architectural Engineering students can also apply for an internal Double Degree with Mechanical Engineering (offered in Lecco), acquiring skills in fields such as digital design and production, robotics, production systems, automation and controls, that are transforming the construction sector and the design and delivery of buildings.

Career opportunities

The Building and Architectural Engineer is a professional that can effectively practice in complex, multi-disciplinary and multi-scale projects, and in particular in the following fields: design of complex new buildings, in particular in the areas of technology, structures, energy efficiency and environmental quality; refurbishment and retrofit of existing buildings, in particular in the areas of technology, energy upgrade and structural consolidation; management of the multi-disciplinary, multi-scalar design process, with the help of specific design and information tools; technological innovation of building components and systems; advanced performance modelling of complex building components and systems, services and structures; management of global performances, with the goal of reducing the environmental impact of buildings.

Programme duration

2 years

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