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Architecture - Building Architecture

Laurea Magistrale (MSc) - 2017/2018 a.y.


Milano Leonardo


Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering

Teaching language

English or Italian

Mission and goals

The objective of the study programme is to prepare an architect able to adequately respond in an innovative fashion to the complexity of problems related to Architectural design and construction in the case of large structures and complex works. The training of new architects occurs in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary design workshops where the student can learn in depth, using BIM (Building Information Modeling), the logic of construction, as a set of coherent aspects among environment, architecture, technology and structures.

Career opportunities

Master of Science graduates can carry out all activities pertaining to the profession of European architect and cover roles of significant responsibility in public and private institutions and bodies (institutional bodies, public and private bodies and companies, professional studios and design companies) operating in the city and land transformation and reclamation field.

Employment Statistics

Programme duration

2 years

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Programme courses (a.y. 2017/2018)

Programme educational rules (a.y.2017/2018)

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