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Product Design

Laurea (BSc) - 2018/2019 a.y.


Milano Bovisa



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Mission and goals

Product designers are expected to conceive everything from home appliances to cars or vehicles, from the pen you use to the chair you may be sitting on. They can influence the form and function of objects of our daily lives. 
The degree programme in Product Design is aimed at shaping the designer’s ability to make new ideas into products, while educating students as design technicians. Among the programme tasks: providing the student a solid background in design subjects; grounding the competence of conceiving and developing new products of every type; training the student to generate ideas to become useful and attractive products for users, both as individuals and as part of society; embedding the student’s experience into a view of manufacturing, technology, sustainability and consumer markets.

Career opportunities

The graduate in Product Design is a design technician able to link creativity to innovation while providing key advantages for both user and manufacturer. Self-employed professions as well as positions in design companies, design studios, design consultancy, furniture design industries and design industry in its broader sense summarise the multifaceted professional opportunities.

Programme duration

3 years

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Programme courses (a.y. 2018/2019)

Programme educational rules (a.y. 2018/2019)

Possible further education

Subject to evaluation of their curriculum, graduates in Product Design can continue their studies in related fields such as Integrated Product Design, Design & Engineering, Product Service System Design, Yacht & Cruising Vessel Design. 
With admission always subject to an evaluation, graduates may choose other Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) programmes or 1st level Specializing Masters.

Undergraduate Programmes

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