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Mechanical Engineering

Laurea (BSc) - 2018/2019 a.y.


Milano Bovisa and Piacenza


Industrial and Information Engineering

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Mission and goals

The Laurea (equivalent to a Bachelor of Science) trains engineers so they can perform different kinds of duties in the labour market and rapidly adapt to changing professional needs. During the first year, students gain solid foundations in basic and mandatory disciplines, while in the second their education provide grounding on fundamental mechanical engineering subjects. The study plan of the first two years are the same in the Milano Bovisa and Piacenza campuses. Students can choose different previously approved study plans (PSPA) in the third year: those willing to continue studying in the Master of Science (Laurea Magistrale) programme shall follow the "Preparatory" track. The others have the chance to choose among several "Professional" tracks, with a large range of alternatives all including an internship in a company: "Engines and Turbomachinery", "Industrial Plant", "Technological Processes", "Design", "Vehicles" in Milano Bovisa; "Production Plant and Machinery" in Piacenza.

Career opportunities

Mechanical Engineering graduates can produce the working drawings of products and processes; deal with product development, installation and testing of machinery and complex systems, maintenance and management of production units; carry our controls and inspections and provide technical assistance. On passing the State Professional Examination, Mechanical Engineering graduates with a Laurea (equivalent to a Bachelor of Science) can ask to be included in the Register of Engineers (section B).

Programme duration

3 years

More info

Programme website

Programme courses - Milano Bovisa Campus (a.y. 2018/2019)
Programme courses - Piacenza Campus (a.y. 2018/2019)

Programme educational rules - Milano Bovisa Campus (a.y. 2018/2019)
Programme educational rules - Piacenza Campus (a.y. 2018/2019)

Possible further education

The graduated students may continue their education appling to the Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) programme in Mechanical Engineering after evaluating their academic curriculum. They may also apply, after curriculum evaluation, to other Master of Science programmes or 1st level Specializing Masters.

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