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Energy Engineering

Laurea (BSc) - 2018/2019 a.y.


Milano Bovisa


Industrial and Information Engineering

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Mission and goals

Energy Engineering is the branch of Industrial Engineering dealing with the design and operation of energy production and consumption plants and their components in order to ensure a better use of available resources, reducing environmental impact to a minimum. The programme prepares Energy Engineers able to deal with issues specific to thermodynamic conversion of various forms of energy, HVAC and environmental wellbeing, with a good knowledge of the technological and operational issues of machines used and economic analysis methodologies.

Career opportunities

Graduates in Energy Engineering have multiple employment opportunities: in designing power, heat and cooling plants in energy production and distribution industries, in thermotechnical building design, in industrial energy management, etc.

Programme duration

3 years

More info

Programme courses (a.y. 2018/2019)

Programme educational rules (a.y. 2018/2019)

Possible further education

Subject to evaluation of their curriculum, graduates in Energy Engineering can continue their studies in related fields such as the Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) in Energy Engineering and Nuclear Engineering. With admission always subject to an evaluation, graduates may choose other Master of Science programmes or 1st level Specializing Masters.

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