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Building and Construction Engineering - BCEng

Laurea (BSc) - 2018/2019 a.y.


Milano Leonardo


Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering

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Mission and Goals

Why BCEng? Nowadays, the construction sector characterized by innovative design and construction processes brings new challenges: nearly-zero energy buildings with a high comfort level; low environmental impact buildings; high-technology buildings systems (smart and responsive building, smart environment); low life cycle costs buildings and safe resilient buildings. Engineers with a robust scientific knowledge, technical skills and problem-solving aptitude are needed to face these challenges that apply to new buildings but also to the built environment. The aim is to train young engineers, dynamic and capable of not only following, but also setting new trends of the construction sector. This program aims to train expert engineers able to manage buildings complexity (in terms of construction technologies, building systems, structures, etc.), high performance requirements and related processes of design, construction, operation, management, refurbishment, transformation or disposal at the end of the life cycle. Building and Construction Engineers are a reference in the construction sector; they have all the basic common engineering competences, completed by the knowledge of construction engineering and building sciences. After the first two years of basic engineering disciplines, technical and practical courses enrich the program. This program, propaedeutic to the Master degree, aims to guide students towards the choice of the right Master degree or give the first competences to a building and Construction Engineer for an immediate entering the world of work as a Building Construction Technician, to support buildings construction and management.

Career opportunities

Graduates in Building and Construction Engineering (BCEng) could find various job opportunities: design engineer (structural, building engineer); manufacturing engineer; project manager; site and construction manager/engineer; maintenance engineer; facility manager. Future careers out of BCEng: main fields of employment possibilities are engineering and architecture firms, construction and maintenance companies, materials and components manufacturers and facility management companies.

Programme duration

3 years

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